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Author Topic: Sunday 13th August - Afternoon  (Read 156 times)
Sir Postsalot
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« on: 24 July, 2017, 11:11:47 AM »

So on Sunday 13th August I?m making a now semi-rare appearance at the club so was wondering if anyone wanted to play anything specific in the afternoon.  As literally own 3 wargame armies currently and am not up to date on any of the rules?..I do have a bunch of boardgames however.
What I?ll have with me regardless,
Star Wars: Rebellion (2-4 players?.really a 2 player game) ? ranked 5th on board game geek.
Scythe (1-5 players) ? 4x post-WW1 mech dystopia game - ranked 8th on board game geek

Stuff I can bring if that?s what people want to play,
Battlestar Galactica (currently I?ve taken out the Pegasus and Exodus expansions but I can put Pegasus back in with the Kobol Objective). (3-7 players)
Love Letter (2-4 players)
Batman Love Letter (2-4 players)
7 Wonders Duel (2 players)
Star Trek: Fleet Captains (2 or 4 players)
Thunderbirds ? Pandemic with Thunderbirds! (1-4 players)
Ticket to Ride (I have UK and Pennsylvania maps as well)
Dominion (with Intrigue)

And a bunch of other things that I don?t really feel like playing.

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Sir Postsalot
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« Reply #1 on: 26 July, 2017, 10:40:47 AM »

Believe the plan is 'turn nick to the darkside of Dystopian Wars' now Tongue

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