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Author Topic: The end times have begun!  (Read 2224 times)
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« on: 24 August, 2014, 10:22:39 AM »

Warhammer is about to get a new series of campaign/setting update books titled 'end times:[insert book title here]' starting with 'end times:Nagash'

These are to lead into a big shake up of the game or something next year according to white dwarf.

Each release will be focused on a couple of factions and give new combined army lists and updated souped up character rules.

Nagash book will have nagash (1000pts on his own) and updates for his 'Mortarchs' as well as the 'legions of undeath' an army list combining both vampire counts and tomb kings, plus a new magic lore, the lore of undeath which is available to ANY wizard and let the caster summon any undead unit from both vampire counts and tomb kings.

Plus loads of setting and background changes!
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