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1  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Warlord Order - Boss Minis on: 18 April, 2018, 08:50:33 AM
Actually also please add:

1 x
2 x
1 x

(which by my maths should bring my order total to ?39.20 after discount Smiley)
2  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Warlord Order - Boss Minis on: 18 April, 2018, 08:27:31 AM
Go on then I'll bite, Afrika corps time then!

Tiger I and the Perry Afrikakorps box please (should be be 32 quid with the 20% discount which is a pretty good price for a new army Cheesy)
3  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl scheduling thread on: 12 April, 2018, 16:36:42 PM
June 10th is fine for me Smiley
4  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl Schedule on: 04 April, 2018, 14:44:21 PM
Round 1 - To be played by 29th April
Loren Maple Leaves vs Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z
Roland's Rats vs 2G Decimators
Glade Defenders vs Lonely Mountaineers
Hashut's Horribles vs Khyle's Humans
BB Elite of Green Street vs Drunken Dudes

Round 2 - To be played by May 13th
Loren Maple Leaves vs Roland's Rats
Lonely Mountaineers vs 2G Decimators
Glade Defenders vs Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z
Hashut's Horribles vs BB Elite of Green Street
Khyle's Humans vs Drunken Dudes

Round 3 - To be played by May 27th
Roland's Rats vs Drunken Dudes
BB Elite of Green Street vs Loren Maple Leaves
Lonely Mountaineers vs Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z
Khyle's Humans vs Glade Defenders
Hashut's Horribles vs 2G Decimators

Round 4 - To be played by June 10th
Glade Defenders vs Drunken Dudes
Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z vs Hashut's Horribles
2G Decimators vs Loren Maple Leaves
Lonely Mountaineers vs Khyle's Humans
Roland's Rats vs BB Elite of Green Street

Round 5 - To be played by 24th June
Glade Defenders vs Loren Maple Leaves
Khyle's Humans vs Roland's Rats
Hashut's Horribles vs Lonely Mountaineers
Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z vs BB Elite of Green Street
2G Decimators vs Drunken Dudes

Round 6 - To be played by 8th July
Drunken Dudes vs Loren Maple Leaves
Roland's Rats vs Malc & Hashut's Horribles
Glade Defenders vs 2G Decimators
BB Elite of Green Street vs Lonely Mountaineers
Khyle's Humans vs Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z

Round 7 - To be played by 22nd July
Lonely Mountaineers vs Loren Maple Leaves
Glade Defenders vs Roland's Rats
Hashut's Horribles vs Drunken Dudes
2G Decimators vs Ash's Orcs
BB Elite of Green Street vs Khyle's Humans

Round 8 - To be played by 5th August
BB Elite of Green Street vs Galde Defenders
Khyles Humans 2G Decimators
Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z vs Drunken Dudes
Loren Maple Leaves vs Hashut's Horribles
Roland's Rats vs Lonely Mountaineers

Round 9 - To be played by 19th August
Loren Maple Leaves vs Khyle's Humans
Roland's Rats vs Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z
Lonely Mountaineers vs Drunken Dudes
Glade Defenders vs Hashut's Horribles
BB Elite of Green Street vs 2G Decimators
5  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Blood Bowl Schedule - STARTS APRIL 22ND on: 04 April, 2018, 14:39:15 PM
Ok folks the schedule is all sorted out and is listed below. As noted games have a date listed they must be played BY but if you and you're opponent are free earlier you're welcome to play your games early.

If any of the schedules are likely to cause issues (folks away on holiday etc) please let me know asap as we may be able to work something out but given how flexiblly I've set the scheduling I would hope folks can get their games played for the most part!

I should also note there are alot of placeholder names in here so please get me proper team names by the start of the season! The season formally starts on the 22nd if April and would be good if we can get eveyrone playing their first games then but in the event you can't make the 22nd you've got a till the end of the following week to get your match played to avoid a forfeit!
6  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 03 April, 2018, 14:39:20 PM

Thanks all, Kate/Andy, yeah not a problem happy to take that! Sign up is no officially closed and I will sort out the schedule!

Simon - Loren Maple Leaves - Wood Elves
Rob - Roland's Rats - Skaven
Dan - Lonely Mountaineers - Dwarves
Becky - Glade Defenders - High Elves
Malc/Tom -  Hashut Horribles - Chaos Dwarves
Paul - BB Elite of Green Street - Orc Team
Khyle - ....... - Humans
Ash - Warrrgh Guna Bashum Ard'z - Orcs
Rich - 4D Decimators - Dwarves
Andy - Drunken Dudes - Dwarves

This handily brings us to a convenient even number of 10 players which will mean I don't need to faff about with Byes etc!

Folks are still free to change their teams should they wish (I'd note the league is looking rather 'beard heavy' at present up till the time I publish the schedule but once the schedule is up you're locked into your choices!

Khyle still need a team name for your Humans asap please!
7  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 22 March, 2018, 11:43:04 AM
Not to worry Paul!

Just to update all the list as it stands is officially:

Simon - Loren Maple Leaves - Wood Elves
Rob -  ...... - Skaven
Dan - ...... - Dwarves
Becky - Glade Defenders - High Elves
Malc/Tom -  ........ - Chaos Dwarves
Paul - BB Elite of Green Street - Orc Team
Khyle - ....... - Humans
Ash - ..... - Orcs

I need team names from most folks still asap and if anyone else wants to join you need to formally sign up either here or speaking to me at club directly asap (I know I've not been around much last couple of weeks but if anyone cant get online and can formally comit to playing and speak to Malc at club he'll get me the message!)

8  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Interseasonal - April 15th Bolt Action Big Game on: 01 March, 2018, 09:45:47 AM
I'm in (Sovs of course)
9  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 13 February, 2018, 18:30:06 PM
No problem Paul, (if folks ARENT around for the 22nd the sooner they can let me know the better (I'll try and schedule so if folks who arent going to be around first week are playing each other first so folks who are there all can get their first games in Smiley)
10  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 13 February, 2018, 14:34:44 PM
Just to update the formal list is currently:

Simon - Loren Maple Leaves - Wood Elves
Rob -  ...... - Skaven
Dan - ...... - Dwarves
Becky - Glade Defenders - High Elves
Malc -  Children of the Khorne - Chaos Renegades
Paul - BB Elite of Green Street - Orc Team
Khyle - ....... - Humans

If you arent on this list and want to play you need to sign up here asap or let me know in person you are officially signing up with team details (also can I please get team names from those of you who havent given me them yet asap).

I'm putting a signup deadline of 1st of April in here as well so folks who still want in please make sure to get signed up by then if you aren't already as I need some time to actually sort the schedule out before we start! Ideally I'd like to have everyone present for the first week so folks arent sat around without a game and can make arrangements but if you arent going to be able to make the 22nd in the afternoon let me know asap!

11  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl Season Dates on: 05 February, 2018, 17:58:30 PM
Pretty much what Malc said below: It's not expressly 'slotted' as either but I would say 'think afternoons' primarily as alot of folks wont be free alot of evenings. Basically the way the schedule will work is there will be a list of 8 games for each team all to be completed by such and such a date (scheduled such that you wont have to play more than one game per 2 weeks). You dont have to play them ON that date and you can play games ahead of schedule if your opponents are free but you must play your games in the scheduled order to avoid folks getting ahead of each other still!) If both players are free in an evening slot by all means play in an evening slot as long as the games played at club its all good!)

Theres basically 3 big things Im driving for this time round:

1) I don't want folks to burn out on it by feeling theyre doing nothing but playing BB all the time!
2) I don't want BB to take over the club and mean noone has time to play anything else!
3) I don't want things to get too confusing schedule wise! Basically as long as your game is played by the date alotted its all good.

If folks want to play half a game one week and the second half the week after due to time constraints as long as both players are happy with this its all good!

Oh on a related note to scheduling: As its looking increasingly likely we will have more than 8 or 9 teams there may well end up being divisions and some kind of playoff structure after the season... one thing at a time though Wink
12  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl Season Dates on: 30 January, 2018, 12:05:00 PM
Right, as things stand we'll be running season after next, starting April 22nd. My next question is were actually getting alot more folks signing up than I was expecting, I'm still ideally wanting to keep this to 1 game per 2 weeks by the schedule, would folks be happy to run over 2 seasons (so each team would then play 8 games in total?)
13  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 26 January, 2018, 15:21:57 PM
Daniel Brown: Dwarfs team (I don't have the proper miniatures sorry so I'll be using warhammer ones)

No problem at all there, as long as its obvious whats what and the minis are more or less appropriate its all good Smiley
14  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl League Signup - Starting 22nd April on: 24 January, 2018, 15:24:33 PM
To get things rolling:

Simon - Loren Maple Leaves - Wood Elves

(if you could please sign up in that format would be helpful (and please do all sign up here where possible (I've had a quite a few folks in and out of club saying theyre up for this but no formal signups yet!)

If you have a friend who definitely wants in please encourage them to sign up to the forum and sign up here!
15  General Category / Buy and Sell / Re: Blood Bowl Skaven on: 23 January, 2018, 12:26:06 PM
16  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Re: Blood Bowl Season Dates on: 23 January, 2018, 10:56:27 AM
Tbh thats all I needed, as would only have run this coming season/both if everyone was available. So the Season will be starting 22nd April then!
17  General Category / Buy and Sell / Blood Bowl Skaven on: 22 January, 2018, 23:44:57 PM
Anyone interested in a Skaven BB team, they're assembled (off sprues and all clipped together but not actually glued or painted at all), and comes with all the custom markers coins etc from the new Skaven Team box set (good as new basically) and have a set of Skaven custom BB Dice.

Basically I got a shiny new set of BB stuff and them along with it from a bring and buy stall at a very reasonable price but seeing as I have no plans on running Skaven ever I'm lookign to sell them on!

Looking for 20 quid for the lot ideally (They'll be going on ebay soon but if anyone wants to nab snap em up before then let me know asap!)
18  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / Blood Bowl Season Dates on: 22 January, 2018, 23:38:31 PM
Ok folks:

We've got basically 3 options from where I'm standing:

18 Feb - 8 April (next season)
22 April - 10 June (season after next)
18 Feb - 10th June (run across the next 2 seasons)

Are the next 2 season dates, I'm happy to run in either, or, can run across both if players wish I'm looking to have players play the other teams in their division at least once across the season (I'll divide up divisions as required randomly depending on number of players (if we do have multiples I'll try and work some kind of playoffs in Smiley), ideally I'd like to keep it to at most having players required to play 1 match every two weeks to allow a bit of flexible scheduling and not have blood bowl take over the club as it's been known to in the past at times!).

In the event two folks are free with nothing better to do on a given week of course folks are actively encouraged to play friendly games for a laugh of course (though in the unlikely event that set availability becomes an issue folks with actual league games have priority!)

I digress....

Basically what dates are folks up for?
19  Table top games / General Tabletop / Re: YG Blood Bowl League 2018 Rules on: 22 January, 2018, 23:28:28 PM
I've found LRB6

I would like to keep this thread clean so please NOT reply here with questions/queries. If you have a query, please pm me or post another thread and I'll discuss further and update this thread if warranted.

Any further 'unoficial updates' here will be deleted (I may get this moved to a seperate thread) Wink This is meant as a static rules post guys, whilst I appreciate the intent is to help please keep discussion in other threads  (also for note: LRB6 has been superceded (the most recent free version of the rules is actually the CRP (which was to all extents and purposes LRB6 (

However this too has been officially superceded by the latest main book/boxed set version of the rules. As GW is actively supporting BB again they are (to no great surprise) not downloadable freely (however it should be noted that the CRP is MOSTLY the unchanged ruleswise to the current edition bar a few minor updates to some skills (and a couple of not so minor ones but when I've got time I'll post a more thorough run down of the changes.

There are however a few noteable changes in how Leagues run in particular with regards to how running costs for teams and off season practice runs. I'll be writting a more thorough rundown of how things work now here soon but most of this will only impact play DURING league play and in the first 'offseason' at the end of the season (asuming folks wish to continue to another in future!), how you draft your team remains exactly the same as per the CRP if you don't have access to the new rulebooks!

Oh I'd also be remiss if I didnt mention here that there is an excellent 'My Dugout' app available (on iOS certainly, not sure if there's an android version too but id be surprised if not) that makes managing your team and tracking stats very handy, you can also buy digital copies of the rulebooks through it (though theyre no cheaper than the actual books really tbh so I havent bothered!) The app itself is free but you need to buy packs for different teams and league tracking etc so really its 2.99 realistically for most folks but worth a look Wink
20  Table top games / General Tabletop / Re: YG Blood Bowl League 2018 Rules on: 22 January, 2018, 16:59:07 PM
Also if you do have the latest rulebooks, please have a read of the latest FAQ/Errata. I will be keeping the rules as current as possible and as 'by the book' as we can!
21  Table top games / General Tabletop / YG Blood Bowl League 2018 Rules on: 22 January, 2018, 12:31:02 PM
Ok I'm listing below the rules we will be running the new Blood Bowl League, I'm aiming to keep things as simple and 'current' as possible so no whinging about such and such a rule or 'why dont we use the old house rules from this league/that league etc. Wink

1. This is a clean start, no existing teams etc. We're starting a new run from scratch here, you're more than welcome to 'reboot' your old team if you wish but it's going to be a fresh start with everyone drafting a new 1,000,000 gp team.

2. We will be operating under the most currently official BB league rules as per the DeathZone season 1 book (I do not own a copy of season 2 yet but if anyone has one that I can have a read of pre-season I may revise this to any tweaks that brings in). Once the season starts though the rules will be locked for the duration of the season!) and current set rulebook. This is MOSTLY identical to the last version of the LRB (donwloadable as the tourney pack but there ARE some minor changes (I'll have the rulebooks along over the next few weeks if anyone wants to have a read but the actual game and SPP system is mostly unchanged and team building is unafected, I'll run through the full league rules further down the line!)

3. Star Players will not be in use (ie not available to purchase via inducements).

4. Special Play Cards are at coaches discresion, they may be used (on a match by match basis) if BOTH coaches agree to their use, if either coach doesnt want to use them though theyre a no go. If coaches do agree on their use for a game though both coaches must have access to all cards available (ie if you buy one of the special play boosters and want to use it (and your opponent agrees) you must allow them acccess to those cards as well!!! (I considered banning the cards outright tbh but as some folks may have gone out and bought them I dont to leave it up to players as they play!)

5. The 'Piling On' skill IS available (as written in DeathZone 1) (it's listed as an 'optional rule')

6. Any Teams not as yet updated in the current edition/Deathzones that was available under last LRB edition I WILL allow as it was priced/written (to date none of the teams in the new editions have changed at all that I've noticed). If in doubt, ask me but I don't want to exclude folks who have existing minis! Please note that whilst the teams will be available some skills may have changed! UPDATE: It seems there IS an update for most of the old teams already as well so with that in mind I'm revising this to Teams Allowed are: Those listed in DeathZone Season 1, DeathZone Season 2 and the Teams of Legend PDF Please note that Teams of Legend is a temporary supplement as GW release further update books so any Team listed in future Deathzone Supplements will supercede those in 'Teams of Legend' as they come out!

7. League ranking will be on a simple points system. 2 Points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss. In ties the order of stats to determins tie breaks will be, matches played (less matches for same points score will rank higher) > Score Difference (TD for - TD against) > Casualty Difference (Cas for - Cas Against) > Oposed record (who has won more matchces between the two tied teams). If there's somehow still a tie at that point I'll figure things out at that point! (And before anyone cries that this favours scoring over hitting... yes it does. The aim of Blood Bowl is to Score Touchdowns. If you kill your 10 of your opponents players and they still score 3 more TD than you you have still lost the match Wink That's the nature of the game!

8. Scheduling will be set such that you will have a deadline to play each match by, you are free to arrange with your oppoents when you want to play and I'll try to make things as flexible as possible however:
- Matches are to be played at Club barring exceptional circumstances
- If you sign up to the league you must make an effort to be available to play your matches
- There will be no extension/changes of match deadlines once the season starts, I'll post the schedule as early as possible so if there's any scheduling issues you let me know ASAP! Once thins are started its the coaches responsiblity to get the matches played, if one person can't make the matches at all then that player will need to forfeit. A forfeited game will count as standard forfeited game per the rulebook and will be scored accordingly. Again I may be flexible here but only under REALLY exceptional circusmstances.
- 'Proxy Coaches' will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances
- What constitutes 'exceptional circumstances' is entirely at my discression. In the interest of fairness/impartiality though under NO circumstances short of my untimely death will I grant myself an exception to any of the above! Tongue

9. Players must keep an updated team roster and bring it with them to all games. After each match you must submit your match results to me. I'm not going to be tracking team Rosters though you must show me your updated rosters after each match (either digitally or in person).

10. All advancement rolls etc are to be done at club and witnessed! I'm sure we're all mature enough that cheating wont be an issue here but I would like to keep eveyrthing visible to avoid any arguments!

That should pretty much cover things for now I think folks! I would like to keep this thread clean so please NOT reply here with questions/queries. If you have a query, please pm me or post another thread and I'll discuss further and update this thread if warranted.
22  Club Matters / Arrange A Game / YGBBL - Starting 22nd April - SIGNUP FOR CURRENT SEASON CLOSED on: 22 January, 2018, 11:30:37 AM
Right, with the poll having been up a while and having spoken to a few folks further as well I believe we've got at least 5 or 6 folks that would be up for joining a new Blood Bowl League, so with that said this thread is an official signup list, if you are interested in playing please state so here and what team you would like to run.

I'm going to post another post in 'general tabletop' with further details on the rules etc (linked here so please have a read of that before comitting fully! As things stand I'm ideally aiming to kick things season after next (I'll confirm what exact date that will be asap!).
23  General Category / General Discussion / Re: YG T-Shirts on: 22 January, 2018, 11:24:36 AM
By the way, cant really tell from the image, is the design/text embroidered/machined or is it just a printed image?
24  General Category / General Discussion / Re: YG T-Shirts on: 12 January, 2018, 13:33:46 PM
I'd be interested in the T-Shirt though as per previous discussion, I'd lose the red outline on the text (and text under the logo on the front entirely as). The red outline just looks tacky imo and the text on the front is a crest, doesnt need the name under it.

(I'm a maybe as it stands)

Insert Quote
Malc - 1x Shirt
Clive - 1x Shirt, 1x Hoodie
Chris - 1x Shirt
Rob - 1x Shirt, 1x Hoodie
25  General Category / Computer Games / Re: Star Wars Battlefront II (well... 4 really but....) on: 20 November, 2017, 16:58:55 PM
Update: As things stand thanks to the overwhelming backlash against the microtransactions EA has removed them from the game as of the last patch ('for now' so I'm iffy on celebrating too early) but as things stand stuff still needs unlocking you just have to earn the currency in game to do so no now meaning the 'pay to win' options are no longer there and the gambling issue isn't really a factor now!

As things stand this stands turns my 'other score' from a 1 into a 7 or maybe a 6 (the length issue with the 1 player game and inability to murder ewoks still rankles but its frankly that I was expecting, the Microtransaction stuff was the really fly in the ointment and that, for the moment at least, is gone,

This easily puts the overall score up to an 8 or 9/10 for me!
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